Running Miracle







 For the last 7 years I have been unable to run due to a knee injury I had shortly after I got married.  I was going on a routine jog around my house and as I was running up a hill, my right knee completely gave out.  I was barely able to walk back to my house.  This was devastating to me since I had been an athlete most of my life. I was fortunate enough during my years of playing volleyball, basketball, and softball competitively to never suffer a knee injury and was in some ways glad it happened when it did and not earlier. Although it was a minor injury, it limited my ability to be active in sports, or anything with high impact on my knees like running and jumping.  Numerous people in my family have had knee injuries and I knew that if I went to the doctor that  I would have been advised to ice it, stay off of it, wear a knee brace, or end up having surgery, and still be limited in mobility even after surgery. Needless to say, I didn’t get any medical treatment of any kind and just accepted that my mobility would be limited. I found other ways of staying somewhat fit and healthy but I so much missed the feeling of running.  Because of years of compensating for my injured knee I managed to also lose mobility in my other knee as well, which obviously was extremely discouraging. I am a woman of faith and over the last several years have been praying over and over that God would heal me, but nothing ever changed. I had also been prayed for many times in the past by different people but every time I would put it to the test, I was met with the same extreme pain and disappointment.  About three weeks ago, l had a couple of my friends over and they ended up praying for both of my knees to be healed. A couple days before that I had another one of my friends praying for me as well.  I went outside shortly after to see if I could run and I managed to run for a good 10 minutes or so, and felt no pain! I didn’t honestly believe that it was real, and thought that if I tried again I would just be let down, but the next day, I went for a 20 minute jog pain free! The next day following, another pain free 30 minute jog, and every attempt after that.  Both of my knees are completely healed!  I couldn’t be more excited to be a living, breathing, walking (NOW RUNNNING) testimony of God’s miracles! Every time I go out for a run, I am constantly reminded of how good He is, how amazing He is, and how much He loves me. I don’t understand why he chose to heal me when He did, maybe it’s just to encourage anyone that may be reading this now, but I do know that His thoughts are not our thoughts, and His ways are not our ways (Isaiah 55:8). He wants what’s best for me, has the perfect plan for my life (Jeremiah 29.11), and most importantly, He loves me. Wherever you’re at right now in your life, be encouraged that our God is the same, yesterday, today, and forever! The same God that raised Jesus Christ from the dead is still working miracles in people’s lives today.  Be blessed and have beautiful day! 

Tank top and black pants: Forever 21, Shoes: Nike

One thought on “Running Miracle

  1. God is so good to glorify himself in our struggles! SO stoked for and with you! Praise the Lord! 🙂

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