Got My Dream Car!

Officially the proud owner of a classic VW Beetle! On July 1st, I went with my husband, dad, and one of my best friends to give this another shot (If you saw my last blog post you know what I’m talking about). So stoked and blessed to have my dream car in my garage! It’s a 1974 with a brand new paint job, new interior, and new engine! I would say it’s definitely an upgrade from the last bug I bought. It’s been such a blast driving this around for the last few weeks. It’s still a little surreal to me that it’s mine. I was going to wait for my personalized license plate to come in before sharing any photos, but then I realized that I would be waiting for another four months for it to come in. The plate will say KJB❤️DJB. Daw, so cute I know. I’m also going to be getting a classic wooden steering wheel installed and a surf rack eventually for the final touches. The first thing I purchased though, was a FUNCTIONAL fire extinguisher which is currently sitting in the backseat haha😆. Let’s pray I never have to use it 🙏🏻. Super stoked for my VW adventures! Thank you for all the support and encouragement after my last experience. I’m thanking God every day for his faithfulness and goodness!

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