Our Baby Shower

Our family planned and hosted the most beautiful baby shower for us last weekend at the Dolphin Bay Resort and Spa in Pismo Beach. We can’t thank everyone enough for all of the love and blessings! We feel so fortunate to have so many amazing friends and family members that have stood with us through the years as we prayed for our little miracle to come. I’m still feeling so overwhelmed with all of the love from last weekend. Dan’s mom planned and arranged all the food and games, and she hand made us a beautiful baby quilt, crocheted a blanket, crib sheets, and burp clothes. My mom and sisters did all the cute decorations and details. My sister made the cute diaper cake and my mom made us the adorable baby deer cake and cupcakes. There was so much heart and love put into everything and I loved it all so much! I’m 35 weeks pregnant today and feeling great. (Huge, but great!) We just got our baby girl’s car seat and stroller travel system a couple days ago, did some baby shopping, and we’re finishing up our baby corner this week. I have all her clothes washed and ready to be put away and organized, we took our baby care basics class, and we’re feeling more ready for our sweet girl to come into the world. Here we go! Let the countdown begin!

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