Little Rosebud

Our little Rosebud is such a joy! On August 8th she turned two months old and I can’t believe how fast time has flown by. At her doctors appointment on Aug 19th, she weighted 11.13 pounds and was 21.5 inches long. She is still sleeping through the night and has been sleeping great since we brought her home. She’s our sleeping beauty queen! She loves being swaddled, she’s still in newborn size diapers and fits in newborn size clothes, she loves bath time, loves music, loves hearing her daddy and mommy sing to her, she’s smiling more, she can hold her head up, loves her hanging trapeze toys, and loves cuddling her momma and daddy. At night we’ll put her next to us on the couch and watch tv. We have a projector screen and she’ll just chill out and watch it with us. She’s more bright eyed and alert than ever and I love seeing her take everything in. This week we took her on her first camping trip in our trailer and she did great! It was so surreal looking across the other side of our trailer, seeing her swaddled and sleeping soundly while the sound of crickets filled the air. I’m still in awe at the miracle that she is and how happy she makes me. I’m so excited for more adventures with her and we’re already planning our next one!

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