Princess Peach

Our precious girl turned 3 months old on the 8th of this month. It’s been so fun seeing her cute personality shine. She is such a sweet baby and we’ve been loving all of the smiling, talking, and laughing she’s doing lately. The most current cuteness she’s up to lately is grabbing and cuddling her stuffed animals. We’ll place a stuffed animal next to her cheek and she gets really excited and soothed by it while she hugs it tight. She’s putting everything she grabs in her mouth, but she seems to like her hands the most. She’s also standing herself up while we hold onto her waist. She’s getting so strong! The look on her face is priceless when she does, like she’s super proud of herself. In this last week she’s been really exercising her cute voice with so many different types of high pitched squeaks and squeals and it makes me laugh every time I hear her. She’s also been trying to mimic different sound effects and gestures we make. It’s been so much fun lately! We’ve been having fun reading to her lately and she loves it. She’s reaching out to touch the pages, and just stares in wonder at all the different colors and shapes. I can tell she is going to love books as she grows! Something that I’ve always loved doing, especially since having Everly, are photo recreations. We did a few this month that were really fun for me to see. One of them was my sister and I holding our three month and five month old babies next to us holding our three month and five month ultrasounds. Another one we did was Everly in my same dress at 3 months, and we also did a side-by-side of Dan holding Everly, and his dad holding him at three months old. She’s a cute little blend of us both and I love seeing all the similarities in traits. This month we got to take her to the Santa Barbara Zoo for the first time with my whole side of the family. Another moment we got to share with both my family and Dans family, was Everly’s baby dedication at church. My sister and her husband also dedicated their baby, Brian. My Dad and Papa both hosted it and we had both of our whole families up there with us. It was so special! I had a moment when we were standing up on the stage at church, holding our sweet girl, looking at every one of our family members around us and holding back tears. We have the best family support ever and I don’t take for granted all the love we get to be surrounded by. Our baby girl will be 4 months already next week! I can’t wait to see what this next month will bring and I’m so excited for the Holiday season coming up.

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