Turtle Dove

Another month flew by and our peaceful turtle dove is almost 5 months old. During this month last year we found out that I was pregnant. We put together a highlight video from the day I surprised Dan with the news until the day we brought her home. You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/zA68oDeS33k

I recently discovered that Everly loves manicures, haha. I’ve been trimming her nails using an electric nail file and she sits there and watches in fascination. I usually do it when she’s sleeping but I figured I’d give it a shot. Lately she’s been trying to grab it and put it in her mouth like everything else she can get her hands on. She’s also been playing with her feet and trying to putting those in her mouth as well. I’ve been getting quite a bit of open mouth kisses from her lately and it’s the cutest! I’ll place her next to my cheek and say “give Momma kisses” and she gets all excited and puts her mouth over my mouth and sometimes my chin. The first time she did it I couldn’t stop laughing! It was the funniest and cutest feeling. She’s sitting up like a big girl and the latest thing we’ve been doing is putting her toy piano across her lap while she taps the colorful, light up, singing keys. She also loves the real piano in our living room and watches her Daddy play while sitting in his lap. We still love finding new ways to make her laugh. Lately Daniel’s been standing her up on the bed and bounces her up and down while saying “bo-ing, bo-ing.” The first time he did this she started cracking up! She wouldn’t stop giggling and thought it was the funnest thing. She’s still loving her story time! Her favorite book is “Everywhere I Go, God Is With Me.” She’s really familiar with the cover and gets super excited when she sees it. She’s constantly grabbing the pages, turning them, and of course trying to put them in her mouth. She loves playing peek-a-boo and it never gets old to her. She always laughs! One of my favorite expressions she does is when she’s super happy and vocal and sticks her chin up in the air with her tongue out, while smiling and cooing at the same time. It reminds me of a turtle when she does it, so I’ve been calling her my little turtle dove lately. She’s still standing super strong and seems to love being held up that way for long periods of time, so we just bought her a walker. I can’t wait to see how she likes it! The other day I put her on her tummy propped up on a Boppy pillow and she was holding herself up with her arms, and on her knees pushing off with her feet. She pushed so hard she nearly did a summersault over it and ended up facedown over the pillow. She’s starting to roll over and she’s getting so strong! She’s such a peaceful baby and is always going with the flow. We can take her anywhere and she does amazing! My mom took her to a family birthday party and wedding Saturday while Dan and I were away working. She said she did so good and she got to meet and be held by a lot of our family members. It made me so happy to hear! I’ve also been taking her out for 2 mile walks every day in our stroller and she just loves being outdoors. A couple weeks ago, our roller skating club, Coast Skate Club participated the annual Skate The Coast event. It’s a 19 mile skate on the coast from Santa Monica pier to Redondo beach for Breast Cancer. We took Everly with us and we took turns pushing her the whole way! She did amazing and we had the best time. I did it last year when I was pregnant with her and it was so neat having her there this year along with my mom, dad, and Daniel. We are taking our girl to the pumpkin patch in a couple days, another trailer adventure next week, and we’re getting so excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas! So many more memories to come and I can’t wait ❤️