Burney Falls RV Trip

We took Everly on her second RV adventure! We put together a video of our trip and you can watch it here: Burney Falls Video  (all pictures and video taken with Iphone)

This time we traveled 8 hours North to Burney, California. We made a pit stop along the way, where Everly got to meet her Great Aunt Carrie (Dan’s dad’s sister) for the first time. We spent a relaxing evening together visiting and Dan also got to spend some time painting with his aunt and cousin. He has always loved painting and was first inspired to get into it because of his aunt and cousin, so it was pretty special watching them paint together. Dan’s Dad bought a new trailer and this was his maiden voyage. We got to camp right next to each other and Everly got some quality time with her grandpa. We stayed at the Burney Falls Resort and RV Park, just 1 mile away from Burney Falls. The campground was just beautiful! We had nothing but the woods behind us. We spent our time eating good food, playing music, relaxing in our trailers, and enjoying each other‘s company in the perfect weather and gorgeous environment. It was so peaceful! We loved visiting Burney Falls together. It was so cute watching Everly see a waterfall for the first time. She just stared in wonder and we delighted in watching her cute little face take it in. When we first got there she was sleeping and then about 15 minutes in, she woke up to us holding her right in front of the falls. The next day we took a drive and explored around the lake. There was hardly anyone out and we had fun enjoying all the beauty around us. One of my favorite things is seeing the reflection of all the trees in the still, glassy water. There’s just something about it that puts everything in perspective for me. I could stare at it all day and be perfectly content. We had such a fun time with family and Everly did amazing! She was super happy and peaceful and travels so well! Dan and I were observing on the 8 hour drive home that she was doing better than we were, haha! She’s such a trooper. We’re looking forward to many more adventures with her and can’t wait to plan another trip soon!

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