February Fun

This has been an exciting month! Everly started officially crawling on the 4th and on the 8th she turned 8 months old. She’s been standing up a ton while holding on to her crib and we’ve been placing her play pin in front of the piano so she can play and stand at the same time. She loves it! She’s also learned how to balance herself and walk around while pushing a walker stroller. She’s clapping and dancing a lot and loves Raffi music! Her favorite songs are “Apples and Bananas,” “Baby Beluga,” and “Down By The Bay.” I love watching her bob up and down and side to side with the cutest two-teeth smile ever. It brings back some pretty sweet memories from when I was little, listening to the same songs.

We got to celebrate our first Valentine’s Day with our sweet girl! Daniel and I have been going to Solvang every year on Valentine’s Day since we’ve been dating and this year marked our 17th one together. On our very first Valentine’s Day in 2004, we went to the park and laid down on a blanket and snapped a picture of ourselves. So we took Everly to the same exact spot and took a photo together. I love making memories together and can’t wait for Everly to see all these special photos one day. We’ve had so much fun with our little bird lately!

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