Sunny Days

Our sweet angel turned 11 months old on the 8th of this month and I can’t believe she’s going to be 1 soon! She’s walking all over the place, smiling, talking, laughing, waving, and lately has learned how to blow kisses. She also learned how to stomp her feet and thinks it’s the funniest thing. Her Dada also taught her how to kick a ball on the ground and she just loves it! I love watching her run around and chase it around the house while she giggles. She still loves her music and her favorite songs lately are “Mr Sun” by Raffi and “If You’re Happy And You Know It.” I love watching her face light up while she claps along. She also does the cute hand motions of a sun over her head whenever we start singing it. We’ve been enjoying lots of days in the sun and she has been loving splashing around in the pool. We had our first real beach day a few weeks ago and she had a blast playing in the sand. We recently had another beach day and she didn’t mind getting dipped in the ocean! Watching her giggle and experience new things is the best. We can’t wait for more sunny and happy days with her. She’s such a sweet and happy girl. Her big cheesy- toothy smile just melts us! I recently got to celebrate my first official Mother’s Day! I had such a beautiful weekend and my heart is so happy. Daniel made me my favorite breakfast (French Toast), treated me to a professional massage, and cooked me a delicious dinner. And my parents surprised me with two dozen gorgeous roses on my doorstep. We got to spend time with my family, watched Everly walk around and explore, zoom chatted my sisters and grandpa, and Daniel made me another beautiful dinner. Also, just a little husband shout out cause I think he deserves to be celebrated. Everyday of my life feels like Mother’s Day. Daniel is constantly affirming me and encouraging me, he cooks dinner for me almost everyday, he is constantly helping with household tasks, and still finds the time to love on Everly, and laugh and play with her. He’s always telling me how beautiful I am and always makes me feel so loved and cared for. He works so hard, provides all our needs, and because of that I get to be at home with Everly living my dream job. He’s such an amazing father and I’m humbled everyday by his love. Being a mom to Everly has been such a dream come true for me. It’s still so surreal at times. So many days and months and years of waiting and praying and now I get to wake up to my beautiful miracle everyday. In just a little over a week our baby will be one year old and we can’t wait to celebrate with our family and loved ones. What a beautiful first year it’s been!

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