Everly Turns One!

Last week we celebrated Everly’s first birthday! She turned 1 year old on June 8th at 2:20am. This year has been everything I dreamed it would be! Being a mom to her is such a delight and she is just the sweetest little bird. I’ve watched the video we have of us in the hospital holding her for the first time over and over. (Video here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zA68oDeS33k ) There’s no way to describe in words what happened in that moment. My life became complete and my heart became whole. She is a treasure and it’s just so amazing to know that I get to be her mommy for eternity! The years of waiting for her were beyond worth it. We celebrated her birthday in front of my parents house with our whole family and some of our dear friends. My mom made her a cute rainbow cake and I got to help so she could show me her baking skills. Growing up she always made my sisters and I the cutest and best cakes! Watching Everly’s reaction to smearing her hands in it and tasting it was so precious. She obviously loved it! Daniel and my sister set up the super cute rainbow balloon arch in front of the garage. I love how it turned out and I loved getting to celebrate with everyone! I gave Everly my old teddy bear that my parents gave to me when I was a newborn. She loved it so much and cuddled it right away! Daniel gave her the sweetest customized book featuring them together. It’s a book of different adventures and pictures of them in cartoon form. We realized after we gave her the book that the teddy bear on the cover was super similar to the teddy bear I gave to her. We’re going to do a fun photo recreation of it soon. We can’t wait to read this to her as the years pass. What a beautiful first year with our miracle baby. We can’t wait for more adventures to come! 🌈☀️🧡

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