Miracle Baby Number Two!

On September 7th we found out that we are expecting another little miracle baby in May!Daniel and I just love being parents and are so excited that Everly is going to be a big sister. I think that the five years of infertility that we experienced before having Everly has really made us so much more aware of what a privilege and gift it is to be parents. Everly is such a treasure to us and we’re so excited to raise another little miracle! We couldn’t wait to tell our family and friends and immediately went online and bought a “big sister” shirt for Everly. We thought that would be a cute way to reveal our news to everybody. A couple days after my moms birthday we had some of my family gathered together and told my mom that we had another couple of gifts for her. Before we told her, we put Everly’s big sister shirt on with a sweater over the top. The first gift we gave her was a poem that we wrote from Everly to her Nana. On the last line of the poem it stated “for what lies ahead, it’s just getting better, the second gift for you is the shirt under my sweater.” Then she unbuttoned Everly’s sweater with the news! We told the rest of our family using the shirt too. It was so fun! 🥰 We loved going out to take these photos recently and couldn’t wait to share them with everybody. The photos of us were shot by my Daddy, Michael Kinney Photography. My mom came along too and helped to get all the cute smiles. We couldn’t be more excited to grow our family and can hardly wait to welcome our sweet baby in May!

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