As this year is quickly coming to a close, I can’t help but reflect on everything God has blessed us with this year. Despite all the craziness going on the world I still feel gratitude, peace, and hope for what’s to come. We spent Thanksgiving weekend with both our families and it was wonderful. We’ve always been such a tight knit family but lately I’ve really been learning to value the treasure of togetherness even more and not take for granted every precious moment. I’m 16 weeks pregnant and there is so much anticipation and excitement in our house. We get to find out the gender in just a few days! Daniel is building an office in our backyard and soon we will be working on turning our current office in the house into Everly’s bedroom. We recently renovated our garage and turned it into a recreational space for our music. Daniel and I wrote a Christmas song and are releasing a single next week! We’re excited to start celebrating Christmas this year and can’t wait to pick out our tree with Everly. She’s been such a joy lately and it’s been so fascinating watching her learn and grow. She’s already learning her ABC’s, knows her colors, is a champion at puzzles, and absolutely loves music and dancing with her Dada. She will be 18 months on December 8th and I just can’t believe it! It’s going to be so amazing watching her be a big sister in May. Our hearts are full and so grateful!

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