23 Weeks Pregnant With Baby Boy

We can’t wait to meet our baby boy! We’ve been spending a lot of our time on our house lately getting everything ready for him to arrive. Dan has been building an office in our backyard the last few months and we recently moved all of his things out of his current office and changed it into Everly’s new bedroom. We have a few small additions we’re going to add but it’s almost complete! We were so excited to give her her own bedroom and she’s been loving it. Her favorite is the new kitchen we gave her. She loves the one at her Nana and Papa’s house so we had to get her one. She loves pretending to cook meals (num nums) for us and her favorite stuffed animals. We have all her toys and clothes organized and a really great space for her to enjoy it all. I’ll be sharing some photos soon 🙂 We’re all so excited for the next upcoming months and we’ve been so happy and content. It’s going to be such a change having another little one in the house and I’m sure it will take some time to adjust, but I’m sure looking forward to all the baby snuggles and newborn delights with our boy. I can’t wait to see Everly hold him for the first time. I know my heart will just melt! This second trimester has been great and the nausea definitely let up. I do feel like I’m quite a bit bigger with this pregnancy and my mobility has been a little more limited. We had our second trimester ultrasound and they said he was a big boy. I think he may make his appearance earlier than expected. His due date as of now is May 16th but I’m predicting he’ll come between the 4th-12th. We’ll see! I can’t wait to hold our miniature Daniel and my heart is so happy.

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