April Fun

April was a fun month! We got to celebrate Easter with our family and had such a blast doing an Easter egg hunt for Everly for the first time. It was so adorable watching her light up and get so excited as she ran back and forth searching for eggs. Daniel led worship in the morning at church, we went out to lunch with my parents, and then had dinner with Dan’s family that night. On April 6th we celebrated my 37th Birthday! Daniel and Everly surprised me with some gifts and a birthday cake, then Dan treated me to a manicure and pedicure. Everly got to choose what I did to my nails and she chose all different colors. So I got some cute candy colored gel nails done. We ended the day eating out together as a family. On April 11th, my sister planned and hosted a beautiful baby shower for Daniel and I. We were blessed to be surrounded by family and a few of our friends. It was such a gorgeous day and it made our hearts so happy! We celebrated at the Dolphin Bay Resort in Pismo and got to stay there that night. There’s been so much fun memories that have been made and I’m so grateful for this life I get to live. We’re getting so close to meeting our baby boy and becoming a family of 4! We had a 36 week ultrasound last week and our baby boy is already at just about 7 pounds. I am definitely feeling ready and excited! I’m still hoping he makes his entrance earlier than expected. I can’t wait to have him in my arms soon ❤️

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