The Birth Story Of Oliver Daniel

A few days leading up to Oliver’s birth I was having contractions off and on, some as close as seven minutes apart. I had a Dr. appointment scheduled the day after I turned 40 weeks pregnant and went in that afternoon. That morning I was experiencing contractions about every 10 minutes but they were pretty mild. Then by the time my appointment came, they stopped. The Dr. wanted a NST test done to check baby’s heart rate and movement, but the machine was down so they sent me over to Sierra Vista hospital. I arrived and baby looked great, but they discovered that my blood pressure was a little high. The doctor at the hospital suggested that I stay and get induced because I was already past due and with a high blood pressure reading they just don’t like the risks involved if I were to wait it out. I called Daniel and my mom to let them know and we made arrangements for Everly. While I was waiting for Dan to arrive my mom came by and we made plans to have her come back so she could be there for the birth. Before they started anything, they checked me to see if I was dilated at all and by that time, around 6:00pm (on the 17th), I was already between 4 to 5 cm dilated. I was so surprised but also relieved and so ready to have our sweet boy with us. Dan arrived at the hospital with Everly and I got to wave to her from the window before my parents took her to their house. At around 8:45pm they gave me Pitocin and we began to wait it out. 6 hours later, at 2:10am my water broke and I was at 9 cm. Dan immediately called my Mom and she rushed over. I remember being so ready to start pushing, but I held off so my mom could be with me. My mom arrived around 2:30am, I started pushing at 2:42am, then 3 pushes and 6 minutes later Oliver Daniel Ballesteros was born! He arrived at 2:48am weighing 7 pounds 11 ounces, 20 3/4 inches long, with a full head of brown hair, and dimples like his Daddy. I couldn’t believe how fast he came! Just like that he was in my arms, and in that moment we felt so complete. We totally thought he’d make his appearance early, but Oliver decided to join us 2 days after his due date. I also thought I would be giving birth to an 8 or 9 pound baby based on our 36 week ultrasound, but he was only a few ounces bigger than Everly was. The next day we got to go home and my parents met us there with Everly. She got to meet him and hold him for the first time and it was the most precious moment ever. She’s been so sweet and gentle with him. It’s been a huge adjustment for her this last week and a half, but overall she’s been doing really well. Because of Covid, I was only allowed 2 visitors the whole time I was in the hospital. So in our first days of being home, we had our family make visits to come and meet Oliver. It was so much more peaceful and relaxed at home rather than the hospital and it turned out to be a blessing instead of a disappointment. My heart feels so content and alive and I’m so humbled that I get to have the family I’ve always dreamed of. I have my two miracles babies! I couldn’t be more thankful for answered prayers.

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