6 Months Of Oliver

Oliver turned 6 months old on the 18th! We had so much fun taking portraits of him and he of course made it so easy for us and smiled right away. He is growing way too fast! He started crawling a couple weeks ago, he’s clapping his hands all the time, pushing up to sit, and on Thanksgiving day he decided he would pull himself up to stand in his crib. I was changing Everly and I look over my shoulder and he has a huge grin on his face staring at me while he’s standing. He’s still scooting along in the Joovy walker getting to where he wants to go. He loves laughing with his sister and is just the happiest baby boy. He melts our hearts everyday with his joy and his dimples. Being his Momma is a dream come true. We’re looking forward to Christmas and all the magical days ahead!

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