Twinning In Tie Dye – Tips for DIY tie-dying

DIY projects are my fav! I’ve been having fun with tie dye lately and making my own custom colors by combining different dyes. For this dusty rose/ mauve color I combined coral and gray together. I used the All Purpose RIT dye. Tip: make sure you look at the type of fabric you are dying. If it is more synthetic fabrics then use the synthetic RIT dye and if it’s mostly cotton then I would recommend the All Purpose one. These particular sweatsuits I dyed were 50% cotton and 50% polyester. I got both mine and Everly’s outfits at Target. My sister got a Target gift card for me for my birthday (thanks sis!) and I was stoked to find them there. They were all separate pieces that I ordered (and all on sale!👌🏼) Mine were actually the men’s Hanes brand, and Everly’s were the Cat and Jack brand. Everly’s were just a long sleeve white tee and white leggings. It was harder to find actual baby sweats in white. You can also look on Amazon (they seem to be running low on stock). And there is also Walmart too 👍🏼 There’s a lot of different ways to tie dye (just YouTube “different tie dye techniques,”) but for this project I used the “crinkle method.” I like the more marble type of tie dye look. Tip: Make sure you wash the clothes you’re dying (if they are new) before starting. Even if they are not new and you’re using an old t-shirt, make sure the thing you are dying is still wet or damp for this type of look. Most people recommend leaving the dye in for 6-12 hours, and that works, but for mine I wanted more of a muted tone so I just left mine on for about 45 minutes then immediately put them in the washing machine. My step by step process was pretty simple: Step 1- get a bowl of water ready and add the dye to it. You can also add a dash of dish soap as well. The more dye you add, the more vibrant the color. The more diluted it is, the more muted the color. Tip: if you are customizing your own color make sure you make plenty of dye. It’s better to have extra. If you run out of dye and your garment isn’t completely covered with dye , it’s hard to make the same exact tone unless you precisely measure the exact amounts you used. For me, I just started mixing the colors together until I got my desired tone. Generally, it was half coral and half gray (give or take). If you’re the type of person that prefers exact measurements then I suggest visiting the RIT fabric dye website. Or if you’re like me you can just wing it. Step 2- lay out the fabric and start crinkling it up. Get it to stay using rubber bands. Tip: The tighter the crinkle, the more white will show. The looser the crinkle, the more dyed color will show. Step 3- apply dye from a squeeze bottle making sure the fabric is generously covered. Step 4-put in a plastic bag and let it sit for 45 minutes or longer depending on desired vibrancy. Step 5- remove rubber bands and put in the washing machine on a normal/ cold cycle with detergent. Tip: If the color is a little brighter than desired, run the wash cycle again to mute the tone more. Or if you see there is more white showing then desired, simply repeat the process and add more dye. Step 5: If you want your clothes to shrink a bit put in the dryer, if not then just air dry. I liked the way mine fit when I bought them, so I decided to air dry. Like I said there are SO many different techniques out there, this is just what worked for me! Hope this helps and have fun tie- dying! ✌🏼

9 Months In And 9 Months Out

This month on the 5th we celebrated Daniel’s birthday and on the 11th we celebrated our 14th anniversary! We got to spend some together at The Dolphin Bay Resort in Pismo Beach while my mom watched Everly for us. We spent our time relaxing in the pool, hot tub, and tried out the sauna. We also got massages and ordered lots of room service. It was such an amazing retreat with my love! On the 8th, Everly turned 9 months old. The photo at the top is a 9 month in and 9 month out photo! It’s such an exciting time with her right now. She’s been standing on her own without holding on and getting closer to taking her first steps. She’s been dancing a lot and it’s been so fun seeing her love for music already. Her favorite is still Raffi and we play a live concert for her every morning and she’s glued the whole time. She loves being in the room when Dan is recording music in the studio. When she hears a catchy beat she likes she wiggles side to side and makes cute sounds with her voice. I can’t wait to see what she gets into as she grows. I’ve been doing a lot of DIY projects lately and having fun twinning with my girl. A couple fun projects have been some tie dyeing and denim distressing with some of mine and Everly’s clothes. I’ve also brought out some more of my old baby clothes and have been dressing Everly up and taking pictures of her in them. My favorite are the vintage Levi’s! We’ve been enjoying family walks together lately and I just keep thinking we’re living some of the best days of our lives right now. We always hear people saying that their favorite and most precious times with their kids are when they are babies. I can definitely say that it’s true for us and we couldn’t be more thankful.