15 Years Married

On March 11th, Daniel and I celebrated 15 years of marriage! We had a mini vacation at a local resort and had a couple days to ourselves while my mom and dad watched Everly for us. On our last day there my parents dropped off Everly so we could swim with her and spend a little time at the resort with her too. We had so much fun and got a lot of much needed rest! A few days before we left for our retreat we got to take some anniversary/ maternity portraits with my dad, Michael Kinney Photography. I’m so happy we got to capture us in this season of life right now. These pictures are such treasures to us! When Dan and I first got married we decided that we wanted to renew our vows and celebrate our 5th anniversary, our 15th, 25th, and 50th. So on our 5th anniversary we were able to have a big celebration with all our friends and family and renew our vows. We had such a blast and started talking about our next party and dreaming about where we would be in our lives at that time. So here we are, 15 years married with a beautiful baby girl that is now 21 months old, and a baby boy joining us in less than 2 months. Our hearts couldn’t be more full and we are so humbled and thankful that we get the opportunity to have this family together. We will still be renewing our vows and having another celebration with our friends and family, but it will be more towards the end of this year when we can have the celebration we’ve been wanting without any Covid restrictions. Something we’ve also been looking forward to is opening up our time capsule that we had at our 5th anniversary party. We had all our guests put a note inside and we sealed it up to save for our 15th anniversary. We can’t wait to open it up and see what treasured notes will be in there. When we took these photos I was 30 weeks pregnant, but as I’m writing this I’m quickly approaching the 32 week mark in just a couple days! We’re getting closer, I’m getting much bigger, and much more eager to meet this little man. Also, I just had to note on here that the beautiful flower crown, boutonnière, and bouquet were all made Daniel ☺️. He made them for us the day before the photo shoot and I just love how they turned out. And of course as I mentioned, all of our portraits were captured by my Daddy, Michael Kinney Photography.

December 2020

Our December has been so magical! We found out that we are having a sweet baby boy and we’re over the moon. We got to do gender reveals for both of our families and it was so exciting to be able to share the news with everyone. We always talked about how fun it would be to have both a little girl and little boy in our family. I’ve always told Dan how much I wanted to have a little miniature Daniel running around the house with his Daddy’s dimples. We feel so honored and blessed! In the first week of December we went out and got a Christmas tree as a family and brought it home to decorate together. It was so precious watching Everly experience it all! From bringing in the tree, to watching all the lights glow, to hanging candy canes and ornaments, all while listening to Christmas music in the background. It’s definitely been a highlight for us so far. On December 8th Everly turned 18 months old! We took her out in a princess dress and did a little photo shoot for her. The sunset that evening was incredible. It was a moment that totally caught me off guard. I wasn’t being the best version of myself that day. I was easily irritated, tired, and letting the little things get to me. Dan decided to drive us to the bay and the sunset was breathtaking. The air was warm and the water was still with a calmness on the horizon. It felt like a dream. I watched the wonder and excitement in Everly’s eyes as she ran back and forth on the sand. My heart began to soften and my perspective shifted. I love God’s ways of reminding us that He’s here. Beyond what we deserve, He always makes himself known to us each day. A couple days ago we got to do a birthday/ Christmas celebration with the whole family. We celebrated my sister and Dads birthday and did a mini gift exchange as well. Everly got to play with all her cousins and we all got some great quality time together and enjoyed a delicious ham dinner made by my Daddy. Yesterday we went out and took our Holiday portraits shot by my Daddy, Michael Kinney Photography. My sister came along too and helped with Everly and little Rusty Roo dog. We’re so happy with how they turned out! It perfectly captures all the joy we feel each day with our precious girl. I can’t wait to see her be a big sister! There’s so much to look forward to next year and our hearts couldn’t be happier. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!