Vinnie Louise

One of my favorite online boutiques recently sent me some super cute pieces! Vinnie Louise is an online clothing boutique that is “dedicated to fashion and love”. They are all about finding the latest trends and styles while staying affordable. The shop is named after the owners grandmother, Venie Louise, who loved people and loved style and would always leave her house looking her best. I feel blessed and fortunate to have been connected to the owner, Ginny, who I can tell has an amazing heart for people as well, and a passion and love for fashion. I am always super excited to see what new pieces she has coming in her shop!
Their beige “Aztec Tank” is the perfect summer top! I have always been into native inspired designs and prints so I was super excited to get this 🙂 I am wearing my aztec tank with a necklace that my mom gave to me as a gift, with some bangles that have been in my jewelry box for awhile that I still love.
In addition to the amazing tank top I received, I also got this gorgeous white “Gretchen Kimono.” It was the perfect touch to add to my outfit since it was a chilly summer day. I love that this piece is added to my wardrobe because it can be worn with so many different outfits!
Vinnie Louise has recently added a lot of cute clothes on their website and they are always posting the latest on their Instagram page: @vinnielouise
Head over to and check out the latest trends and styles! You will absolutely love the selection of summer clothes and accessories and definitely find pieces that you will love all year round!

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