My Makeup Brush Set – OVAL BRUSHES

I finally got around to playing with my round makeup brushes from My Makeup Brush Set, and I was pleasantly surprised! As a makeup artist, I have my favorite go-to brushes that I can’t live without but I challenged myself to create a look only using my oval brush set. First off, they’re sooo soft and I love it. I really loved how my foundation buffed in to my skin without any streaking. I also thought that a lot of my products would be absorbed too much by the brushes but they weren’t. I used the second biggest brush to apply foundation and also used it to apply my bronzer and blush and it worked great. I used the smallest circle shaped brush to apply my eyeshadow to the crease and outer corner. The eyeshadow applied well and I liked it but I did go in with my fingers and soften the edges of my eyeshadow since I didn’t have any type of blending brush. I would also say to be soft handed when dipping into any of your pressed powder products. Because they’re synthetic bristles and pretty dense, if you press to hard you’ll have a lot of left over powder that you won’t use that you’ll end up blowing off your palette or powder. I really loved the smallest thinner round shaped brush. I used it as a smudge brush to soften and smoke out my bottom pencil eyeliner and it looked great!  Overall I liked these brushes and it was fun to challenge myself to use something different. I would definitely say that these brushes would take some getting used to, but I can tell the more I use them the more I’ll love them. You can find oval brush sets and other products they offer here:

LEAF – Bellabeat Health Tracker

I recently received this awesome health tracker and just started using it these last couple weeks. Leaf is a sleep, health, and reproductive health monitor that tracks all your activities and steps taken. There are different colors and styles and it can be worn as a bracelet, necklace, or can be clipped onto your clothes.  When worn overnight, leaf keeps track of the duration and quality of your sleep. The first night I used it, I wore it as a necklace and the second night I wore it as a bracelet. Wearing it as a bracelet is a more effective and accurate way of tracking. The second night I woke up to it saying that I had a rough night of sleep because of a lot of tossing and turning that it detected. I wasn’t even aware of that before so that was interesting to find out. It also gives you goals of how much exercise, steps, meditation, or more sleep is needed to meet health goals and prevent stress. There’s also guided meditation exercises as well as a reproductive tracker that tracks your cycle and has feedback on reproductive health. The leaf easily syncs to the app you download, and to update all the info all you do is double tap the leaf. This is the first health tracker that I’ve ever tried and I’m really liking it so far.  I also love that it’s a bracelet/necklace that I can style and make look cute with anything I’m wearing. The health trackers that I usually have seen are bulky and not super stylish. I highly recommend it! You can find the different Leaf products here: