Oshkosh B’Gosh

I cried the other day putting away all of Everly’s newborn clothes that she’s outgrown. I don’t understand how it’s been over seven months already. I was trying to think of ways to make it feel as if time was passing by a little slower. Could I cuddle her longer, hold her tighter, go on longer walks with her? Could I be “all there” in moments better? Lately it’s been feeling like I get up at 7:00am and then an hour later it’s 3:00pm in the afternoon. I think that’s one of the reasons why I like taking so many pictures. If I can’t control time, then at least I can freeze moments in time that I can keep forever. One of the fun things about her growing is being able to dress her in all these adorable clothes that she’s finally able to fit it. I was so excited to pull these Oshkosh B’Gosh overalls out of the closet that our friend gave to us. Also, we got her some new converse and had to do a photo shoot. Definitely our favorite outfit so far. 🤗 Our little bird is now 16lbs and 27 inches long! In the last few days she just started to show signs of crawling. She’s up on all fours and starting to make strides forward. She’ll be full on crawling very soon! Her daddy also taught her how to clap her hands and she’s been mimicking us when we do it. She thinks it’s pretty cool! She smiles and gives a gentle chuckle, especially when it’s accompanied by a fun song and dance. We were at my parents house watching her attempts to crawl and she sat back on her bottom and smiled and started clapping her hands. I love seeing the look on her face when she’s proud of herself. She still loves giving open mouth kisses and now she’s into hugging. We love getting down on the floor with her and leaning into her while she reaches out for a cute cuddly embrace. She’s been teething the last month and she now has two bottom teeth. One has come through quite a bit and the other one next to it is starting to cut through as well. She’s been cruising around the house in her walker for the last couple months and she’s super fast and smart with it. She knows how to back up, turn around, and maneuver around things to get where she wants to go. She’s standing up really well (not completely on her own yet) and even pulling herself up from a sitting position while holding on to something. We started introducing her to solid food a couple months ago and it’s been fun trying different flavors of foods. She loves it when her daddy feeds her cause he always makes it so fun. I love watching her giggle while he lifts the spoon up in the air and back down toward her face while making funny sounds. It’s been so fun seeing Daniel as a Daddy! He makes our days so happy and bright. So many fun days are ahead and we’re so excited!

Our First Holiday Family Portraits

I love this time of year! Family is everything to me and I loved that we were able to capture some really special portraits to cherish forever. Special thanks to my Dad, Michael Kinney Photography, for the amazing photos! And to my mom and sis for helping to get Everly looking and smiling at the camera 😄 Our sweet little bird is 6 months old and we just celebrated her first Christmas together. We spent Christmas Eve with Dan’s family, attended a candlelight service, had a delicious dinner, then exchanged gifts to each other. It was so fun seeing Everly and her cousin Anna, who is just 3 weeks older than her, together. They’re at the age where they’re so aware of everything and everyone around them, reaching out and grabbing everything they see, and a good majority of the time putting it in their mouth. It’s going to be so fun to watch them grow together! On Christmas morning, we woke up with little Everly in bed next to us. She sleeps on her own, but in the morning we always put her in bed and cuddle with her for a couple hours. We woke up to her bright eyed, beautiful, open mouth smile and read The Christmas Story together. We have a baby book version of the Bible story that we got from our baby shower. Growing up, it was always a tradition for my family to pile on my parent’s bed and my dad to read the Bible Christmas story to my 3 sisters and I. I’m going to keep the tradition alive and start that with Everly 🙂 After reading it to her, we dressed her up in an elf costume, our pup Rusty in his reindeer antlers, and took pictures of them in front of our tree. Check out my Instagram to see the pics of our Little Everly Elf and Rusty Roo-dolph –www.instagram.com/karijane_ After the cutest photo session ever we opened gifts with Everly. She loved all the shiny bows and wrapping paper and was way into opening presents! We set up a tripod and videod the whole morning. I’m so glad we’ll have it to look back on years from now. So many sweet and precious memories! In the afternoon we walked a couple blocks away to my cousins house and did our annual white elephant gift exchange. Our whole family gathers every year and I love it! All of my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandpa come and it’s always a fun time full of laughs. After that, we went over to my parents house and celebrated with all my sisters, nieces, nephews, and my grandpa. We exchanged gifts to each other and had a delicious turkey dinner. My favorite moment was watching my Daddy read all the grandbabies the Santa Mouse book. My two nieces, two nephews, and Everly all cuddled on the couch with my Mom and Dad. It was the most precious sight ever! We also had fun taking pictures of Everly and her cousin Brian, who is just a couple months older than her. My mom bought some super cute matching Disney outfits and we had fun posing them together. I love that my sister and I get to raise our babies together and I can’t wait for all the years to come, full of special memories. What a beautiful first Christmas with our little angel! We’re excited to step into this new year and eager to see what God has for us and our sweet Everly Jane.