6 Months Of Oliver

Oliver turned 6 months old on the 18th! We had so much fun taking portraits of him and he of course made it so easy for us and smiled right away. He is growing way too fast! He started crawling a couple weeks ago, he’s clapping his hands all the time, pushing up to sit, and on Thanksgiving day he decided he would pull himself up to stand in his crib. I was changing Everly and I look over my shoulder and he has a huge grin on his face staring at me while he’s standing. He’s still scooting along in the Joovy walker getting to where he wants to go. He loves laughing with his sister and is just the happiest baby boy. He melts our hearts everyday with his joy and his dimples. Being his Momma is a dream come true. We’re looking forward to Christmas and all the magical days ahead!

Family Fun

We’ve had a lot of fun this month but it sure did fly by. Everly is growing up so beautifully. I still can’t believe she’s 2! She’s so much fun and she’s so smart. We’ve been having a lot of fun spelling words this last month. She knows how to spell her name, mama, dada, nana, and papa, to name a few. I love the look on her face after she spells out something and I praise her for it. She gets this proud but shy little smile and it’s just the cutest. I painted her toe nails and fingernails for the first time a few days ago. She requested one of each color on her toes and made sure to tell me exactly where to put each of the colors. Throughout the rest of the day I would catch her occasionally stopping in her tracks while playing and looking down at her toe nails. She still loves playing with her makeup set I got her awhile back too. I’m looking forward to much more of these fun girly things with her as she gets older. Brother Bear is 5 months old! He’s already loving to be in a standing position, just like his sister at this age. He loves getting on all fours and likes rocking back and forth now and I have a feeling he’ll be crawling very soon! He loves laughing and smiling at his big sister. My favorite thing lately is watching them in the car together. Everly is in a forward facing car seat and his is rear facing so they’re in perfect line of sight of each other. Everly loves looking over and making facial expressions or sounds that make him giggle. Ollie loves scooting himself around the house in the Joovy walker. He gets to where he wants to go and when he sees or hears something happening around the house he’ll walk himself right over to check it out. We tried solid food with him a few times this month and he seemed to like it and get the hang of it. The last time I fed him solid food he leaned into the spoon to take a bite. It’s going to be fun to start introducing it more to him in the next couple weeks. Ollie loves books and gets really excited when we hand him one. He’s so observant and will stare at each page and pat his hand over the things that catch his eye. He loves his tummy time but doesn’t stay there for long. He’s still rolling over everywhere and his little happy squeaks and squeals make us smile. Every time we make eye contact with him he smiles. He’s just the happiest and sweetest boy. We had our first beach visit with him this month and he loved it! He dipped his hands right in the sand and had a taste of it, since everything lately he can get his hands on goes in his mouth. It was such a beautiful family day! If I were able to teleport to a special moment in time to re-live over years from now, that day would be it. It was one of those days that totally caught me off guard. I had a moment holding Oliver, watching Dan and Everly climb the dunes, when a overwhelming feeling of gratitude came over me and it moved me to tears. There’s no better feeling than the joy I felt in that moment. We visited the pumpkin patch today with my mom, dad, and grandpa. It was Ollie’s first time at Avila Valley Barn! We had fun feeding animals, watching Everly ride a pony, run through a hay maze, and pick wild flowers. Another special day full of memories made. Thank you Jesus for this beautiful life!