LEAF – Bellabeat Health Tracker

I recently received this awesome health tracker and just started using it these last couple weeks. Leaf is a sleep, health, and reproductive health monitor that tracks all your activities and steps taken. There are different colors and styles and it can be worn as a bracelet, necklace, or can be clipped onto your clothes.  When worn overnight, leaf keeps track of the duration and quality of your sleep. The first night I used it, I wore it as a necklace and the second night I wore it as a bracelet. Wearing it as a bracelet is a more effective and accurate way of tracking. The second night I woke up to it saying that I had a rough night of sleep because of a lot of tossing and turning that it detected. I wasn’t even aware of that before so that was interesting to find out. It also gives you goals of how much exercise, steps, meditation, or more sleep is needed to meet health goals and prevent stress. There’s also guided meditation exercises as well as a reproductive tracker that tracks your cycle and has feedback on reproductive health. The leaf easily syncs to the app you download, and to update all the info all you do is double tap the leaf. This is the first health tracker that I’ve ever tried and I’m really liking it so far.  I also love that it’s a bracelet/necklace that I can style and make look cute with anything I’m wearing. The health trackers that I usually have seen are bulky and not super stylish. I highly recommend it! You can find the different Leaf products here: https://webshop.bellabeat.com/products/leaf-urban-silver-edition

He’s In The Waiting 

 Another year of my life has flown by and I can’t help but reflect on this last year. While my life has felt abundantly rich in love, adventure, and blessings, it’s also been met with the reality that all my desires, hopes and dreams for my life haven’t seem to be met yet. This last year I can say that its definitely taken its toll on me. I haven’t felt my best physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  At times it has seemed like such a battle to keep joy in my life. The thoughts like “ok God, when?” and “how much longer?” seem to be the theme. We aren’t meant to understand God and all His ways and why things happen in life the way they do. He’s just simply calling us to seek Him and trust Him. It’s so much easier said than done and at times can feel so exhausting. All of the things in our hearts that we burn for are there for a reason and in His perfect timing will come. I’ve recently  been reflecting on the lyrics to this song by Kristine DiMarco: “Take courage my heart, stay steadfast my soul, He’s in the waiting. Hold on to your hope as your triumph unfolds, He’s never failing. And You who hold the stars, who call them each by name, will surely keep your promise to me, that I will rise in your victory.” I’ve always felt like throughout each day I’m just “waiting” for the next thing to come instead of embracing every moment as it comes as God’s plan for me. I always thought that by this time in my life that certain desires of mine would have come already. At times I’ve felt depressed, defeated, and so frustrated! The verses of the same song come to mind: “Slow down, take time, breathe in, He said He’d reveal what’s to come. The thoughts in His mind always higher than mine, He’ll reveal all to come. Sing praise my soul, find strength in joy, let His words lead you on. Do not forget His great faithfulness, He’ll finish all he begun.” Whatever you’re going through today friends, whatever you’re waiting for, whatever it is your heart burns for, God knows. Continually trust Him and seek Him with your whole heart and know that He’s in the waiting.