Retro Skate Date

My Momma, Rockyn Robyn has been roller skating her whole life and still is to this day. She’s on a roller derby team and still competes at the age of 56! The picture of her jumping above was in the same green skates in 1980, back when she was dating my dad. How cute are my parents? 😆 We thought it would be fun to pull out her old vintage green skates and my sister’s old pair and do a fun shoot together. A little while ago she gave me some of her old shirts, one of which was this cute Hawaii shirt from their honeymoon. We’ve been having such a blast skating together! This last year we’ve been roller skating once a week and she’s been showing me all her amazing skills. It’s been so rad getting to spend so much time together. My mom is my hero and my best friend and being around her makes my heart so happy. I’m so blessed to have been surrounded by so much love from her my whole life. Happy Mother’s Day Momma! You make my life so much brighter. Can’t wait to celebrate with you this weekend!

Closet Treasures

I’ve been getting some good use out of my Forever 21 teddy coat I got last year. It’s still one of my favs, and I will forever be a fan of anything this soft and cozy. The majority of this look is a collection of my favorite thrifted finds from last year. One special piece in particular is my orange scarf that I found at a thrift shop in Barcelona! It’s been in my drawer and I haven’t used it too much so it’s been tied on my purse for the last couple weeks. I still haven’t edited our video from our trip there! I need to get on that so I can share all the beautiful places we got to see with you all. Stay tuned for that 🙂 My band tee and cropped jeans are also thrifted. I was stoked to find a pair of light washed Levis that actually fit me right. My navy blue hat is another one of my Sterkowski caps. If you haven’t seen my previous hat post, check it out! Sterkowski handcrafts the coolest and most unique hats and caps from Poland. They have such a wide variety of styles, colors, and fabrics. I’ve been having a lot of fun styling all the different ones I got last year! You can find all their products here: Sterkowski Hats. My boots are by Wild Diva and my rings are some old favorites that have been in my jewelry box awhile. I’ve been having fun pulling out old pieces from my closet and putting together different looks. Sometimes when I get the itch to go shopping for something new, I’ll go through my closet instead and try and get creative with those forgotten pieces. Go and try it, it’s super fun. Thanks for stopping by friends and enjoy this next month of winter!