Allegra K and Not Rated 

This blog post is featuring a couple new additions to my wardrobe from two different companies that have blessed me with so many beautiful items from their collections this year. Not Rated Footwear just sent me these beautiful taupe fringe booties that I will definitely be wearing throughout all next year. They’re such great boots and super cute for every season in my opinion 🙂 I had a similar pair to these a few years ago and wore the soles off them so I was stoked to get these beauties in the mail. You can get 20% off any Not Rated Footwear purchase using code “KARIJANE” at Another item I received was this adorable black and white sweater from Allegra K. It’s super soft and cozy! They sent me a couple other tops too that I’ll be wearing a lot this next year. If you’re looking for super affordable and cute clothes check them out at I’m looking forward to 2017 and so excited for all the good things to come. Dan and I have had one of the busiest years in our career and feel so blessed. Thanks to everyone that has followed along in my blogging journey. I’m planning and dreaming for an amazing 2017 for and I’m excited to have you a part of it. Happy New Year everyone!

Flipping Fringe


I received the cutest boots recently from a company called Not Rated Footwear.  I’m such a fan of fringe boots! I was just about to re-sole another pair I had, then these showed up on my doorstep.  I love the color, the size of the heel, the zipper detailing, and how the fringe wraps around the back of the heel.  I totally recommend checking out their collection and if you see a pair you have to have, use the code “KARI JANE” at check out and you can receive 20% off your purchase!  The name of the boots I am wearing are called “Flipping Fringe.”  My peasant top is made by Billabong and my husband got it for me for Christmas last year from Tillys. They have a lot of peasant style tops and dresses right now that I definitely recommend checking out! I was in a Hot Topic store recently shopping for gifts for my sister and randomly decided to try on their jeans.  I was pleasantly surprised with how well they fit! These black ones are their “super skinny” style and they’ve definitely become my new favorite jeans. My hat is an old one from H&M but you can find similar ones for an affordable rate at Forever 21. Have fun and be inspired today! Always remember that you are beautiful, loved, and you are enough!

 -Kari Jane