3 for $10- OPI Nail Polish

I just recently bought some OPI nail polish at sephora.com. The Sephora by OPI collection are usually $10 for one bottle but they are having a 3 for $10 sale right now online or in stores. The first shade is called “Cover Me In Petals.” It is a red-orange opaque color. The second shade is the one I am wearing in the photo above. It’s an opaque coral color called “How Cute Is That.” The third shade is called “I Gotta Blush On You.” It is an opaque light pink-beige color. There are tons of different colors and finishes to choose from. From glitter top coats and sheer natural shimmers, to opaque bold and bright colors. The ones that I chose look great with just two coats. They don’t chip off easy and they last a long time! Go and get them while you can at your local Sephora or visit www.sephora.com.  If they are out of any shades you like, you can always find sets of them at different websites (not for $10).  The following links are some that I found at amazon:SEPHORA by OPI Eighteen Piece Mini Nail Colour Set ($81 Value) Eighteen Piece Mini Nail Colour Set Sephora By OPI A Collection Of 18 Mini Nail Color Set, NEW!, If you are a fan of gel nails, Sephora by OPI also makes a great UV gel at home nail kit: SEPHORA by OPI SEPHORA by OPI gelshine™ At-Home Gel Colour System 1.

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