Grand Canyon West


On March 11th my love and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary! We decided to take a road trip with our new trailer to the Grand Canyon! We both had never been and were so blown away by what we saw. I’ve seen photos of it before, but seeing it in person was such an incredible experience. We went to two lookout points; Eagle Point and Guano Point. Both were just as beautiful! Sitting on the edge of the cliff and staring down into a mile deep canyon, so deep we were unable to see the bottom,  was truly breathtaking.  Grand Canyon West is actually owned by the Hualapi Indian Tribe and we were also able to see the Native American village. There was a moment when I was looking out into the canyon with complete silence except for the sound of Native American music playing. We had so much fun taking pictures and enjoying all the handcrafted jewelry and goods they were selling. It was the perfect way to celebrate our 10 years of marriage! 

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