Splat-Hair Chalk 

I’ve been contemplating the idea of dying my hair lavender for a little while. I’ve always been a fan of pastel hair color for spring! I wasn’t quite sure I was ready to dive right into it so I decided I would try out this awesome hair chalk for the day to see if I liked it. It was super easy to use. My mom and I tried hair chalk before on my sister and it was super fun! It’s basically like makeup for your hair that comes out in the shower when you shampoo it. It comes in a little compact like an eyeshadow and you just simply slide it through  your hair directly from the compact using your thumb to secure the hair. This specific one I got is by Splat and it was the “Lavender Skies”shade. Here’s a link to it if your interested! http://www.ulta.com/hair-chalk?productId=xlsImpprod4850009  There’s  some other fun colors to choose from as well 🙂 My hair is platinum blonde so this color showed up really well. If you try this out and have long hair, I don’t recommend wearing anything white or light colored just in case any color transfers onto your clothes. I recommend styling the hair first and then applying it directly on dry hair. I have used other chalks that you can apply to wet or damp hair for more pigment but this one was great dry. And yes, it really does wash right out even on platinum blondes! I was warned that there may still be traces of color in my hair even after shampooing but I took a shower and washed and conditioned my hair and now it’s back to platinum blonde. At least for now 😉

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