Chuck Taylor


I have always been that girl that gets really excited to get a new pair of shoes. When I got these white Converse last month it reminded me of going shopping  with my mom for school when I was in junior high and high school.  When we would go to the shoe store she would let me pick out one pair of new shoes. I remember her always pressing at the tip of the shoe when I tried it on to see if I would have any room to grow, then she would have me walk up and down the aisles to make sure my heels wouldn’t slip out the back. I’ve always loved Converse and have always had a pair in my closet throughout my life.  I decided to go with the classic low top white ones since they would go with so many outfits in my closet. You can’t go wrong with white Chuck Taylor’s! 🙂 I’ve also started quite the collection of graphic tees. I’m loving them for Summer! This New York City t-shirt is from Forever 21, and my Native style purse, and customized ripped jeans are also from Forever 21. If you’re insterested in how I distress my own jeans, check out my previous blog posts from February. The flannel I am wearing around my waist is from my husbands closet. His flannels make the perfect oversized sweatshirts for me!  Have a beautiful day everyone and thanks for following PS- Half up hair buns are my jam lately. If you are wanting a quick and easy hairstyle that takes minimal time and effort, give it a try! 

What Do You Prefer? “Bangs”

Side bangs or straight bangs? One of the things I love about having long bangs is the ability to wear them in different ways. Swoop them to the side for a more natural and casual look, or blow dry them straight down for a more vintage and classic look. I love how styling them differently can transform a look. What do you prefer?