Aloha Kimono – Made By Kari Jane


Kimonos have definitely been a favorite of mine the last couple years.  I recently got my sewing machine fixed and felt inspired to make my own Kimono! Dan and I are planning on going to Hawaii this year and I thought it would be fun to make a colorful Hawaiian inspired Kimono.  I will be adding the Aloha Kimono to my etsy shop soon, but just wanted to share the first one I made with everyone!  I took inspiration from the fit and design of each of my favorite kimonos in my closet and came up with my own design. I wanted it to be long, oversized, very light, flowy, and with fringe.  This kimono will be perfect for Hawaii!  I will be on the hunt for other fabrics and colors and will be adding a selection to my etsy shop soon.  Can’t wait! 

Embers and Arrows










I came across this adorable page on Instagram called Embers and Arrows that make head-wraps and turbands. Embers & Arrows is a handmade, bohemian style accessories shop that started out of their combined love for crafting and fashion. They strive to create accessories that are unique and personal and that will encourage individuals to find their own style and passion. They sent me 10 different head bands with a variety of different colors and prints. Every pattern or print that you see can be made into a “headwrap” style or a “turband” style. These head bands are extremely comfortable and I love the quality of them. Check out their shop at and their Facebook page at They also have an Instagram page at @embersandarrows that you can follow to see all her latest creations. They have a coupon going on right now if you buy three head wraps, you get a fourth one for free! The coupon code is: BUY3GET1FREE. Add all four head wraps you want to your cart and then apply this coupon code to receive $12 off your order.