Invisible Heels – Say Hello to Longer Legs



Want to add a couple inches to your height? These Invisible Heels are pretty rad. Now, I love being petite, but sometimes it feels nice to be just a couple inches taller, especially since my husband is 6′ 2.” It makes my tip-toe reach for kisses just a little bit shorter and gets me closer to those cute dimples of his haha 😘💋. I had the privilege of being able to try out different sizes of Invisible Heels and I’m pretty impressed. It’s basically a memory foam cushion insert that you simply place into your shoe. They are super comfortable and seem to be pretty durable so far. The first size I tried out was the 2 inch insert. This insert worked perfect in my tall winter boots that go up past my calf. They would not work for any type of low-top sneaker or any shoe blow the ankle. Your foot simply won’t fit in the shoe, or your heel would stick out too much. If you get the 2 inch heels know that they will only work for shoes that are above your ankles or higher. The other size I have is the 1 1/2 inch heel. I would still suggest more or less the same type of shoe for these as well. I tried these out in my low top converse and the heel of my foot stuck out too much. These would work great with ankle boots and high-top sneakers for sure. The last size is the one I am wearing in the photograph above, which is the 3/4 inch insert. I also tried these in my low-top sneakers and they worked great as well. Just know that it will change the way your foot forms to your shoe. It will feel a little funny at first but you will get used to it. Overall I’m really loving this product! If you are planning on trying them out, I would generally say the bigger the heel insert, the taller your shoes should be. You can find these at  Hope this was helpful! Have a lovely day!