Dan and I got the opportunity to photograph and video a wedding in Portugal last month. After an incredible week in Barcelona, we ventured over to Sintra Portugal. Our adventure began with us waking up to an adorable breakfast in the cutest Airbnb home. On our first day we went straight to the wedding ceremony location to check out the sites and get an artistic vision set for portraits. The ceremony took place in the middle of beautiful castle ruins at the Palace Of Monserrate near Sintra. We were so overwhelmed and captivated by all the history and beauty! After that we made our way over to the reception location, The Quinta Da Arriaga, a beautiful historical rustic estate, which is where we got to stay the next several nights. We were in awe walking up to this beautiful estate and couldn’t believe this is where we were going to be staying! The next day, we got to go on a fun excursion with the wedding party and some of the wedding guests. We started at the incredible Pena Palace, then explored the historic district of Sintra, went to Cabo Da Roca, the most furthest west cape on the coast of Europe, then explored the charming town of Cascais. We loved this day! It was so amazing to see so many places in Portugal in one day. When we returned, we captured the wedding rehearsal dinner outdoors at the Quinta. The day after was a fun filled wedding day with so many special moments and memories we got to capture. We’re still in the process of editing all the photos we took, but to view some of our favorites click here: https://www.facebook.com/BallesterosPhotography/posts/10155331033126221

On the day after the wedding, there was a delicious BBQ, we got to spend a couple hours relaxing on a beach nearby, then we got to take the bride and groom out for some more portraits in historic Sintra! This experience was truly a dream and we feel so blessed. After all the wedding events, we drove over to Lisbon, Portugal where we stayed the next 3 nights! We loved exploring this city, seeing all the beautiful monuments, getting immersed in the culture, shopping, and enjoying delicious food. Our favorite was Trobadores, a little “hole in the wall” medieval style restaurant we just stumbled across while we were walking. Our apartment was right in the heart of the downtown area so we did our fair share of walking everywhere. We spent a good amount of time near Commerce Square, where we relaxed on the water’s edge while being serenaded by a man playing his guitar. I also really loved the Alfama district, overlooking all the rooftops in Lisbon with an incredible view of the turquoise water. I love looking back at all our pictures and reliving all our experiences. We absolutely loved Portugal. Everything about it was so charming! Not just the environments we were sounded by but all the people we experienced in this country. We felt a truly genuine care, appreciation, and respect from all of the locals. Also, if you ever go to Portugal, I highly recommend connecting with Andre with Shortcuts Tourism. This man was incredibly friendly, smart, welcoming, knowledgeable and passionate about his country. You will get to experience some pretty amazing things and definitely gain a new friend! Also, if you are in need of a wedding planner, look no further than Jenni Grubba Events. This girl really knows how to plan a wedding! I’m in the process of making a personal video of all our adventures in Portugal and Spain. I can’t wait to share it with you all!