Rings And Things

These are currently some of my favorite accessories. I’m loving turquoise and silver together, but it’s also fun to throw some gold into the mix. The perfect rings, bracelets, and necklace can really add a lot to an outfit. Some of these items can be found at Forever 21 and some I just found laying around the house. What’s in your jewelry box? Pull out your favorite accessories and see what you can put together 🙂

California Girl

This summer it’s all about bold and bright colors.  Make a statement with an electric orange headband,  a native feather necklace, aviator sunglasses, vibrant nail polish, bracelets, rings, and a fringed summer dress!  This whole outfit I found at Forever 21 for under $20.  The electric orange headband was made from an old neon t-shirt I had.  I simply cut the hem off of one of the sleeves and turned it into a headband. Have fun with your wardrobe this summer and try a pop of color to your look!