Happy Day

Today’s look is featuring some of my favorite pieces from Forever 21 and cute etsy shop “Embers and Arrows.” Also, I had to show off my new 6-string ukulele!! I’ve been having so much fun playing with it 🙂
I am wearing a beige tank with my favorite mustard yellow sweater from Forever 21. I love how cozy it is and how it adds just enough of a pop of color to my outfits.
The sunglasses I’m wearing are also from Forever 21. I paid $5 for these sunglasses and they are by far one of my favorite pairs still. The rings are from an old jewelry box of mine and my nail polish is Formula X from Sephora.
My blue jeans were $10 from Forever 21 and they’re super comfortable and stretchy. I tucked them into my moccasin boots that Daniel gave to me for Christmas last year.
This adorable head-wrap is from a cute shop on etsy called Embers and Arrows. I saw that they were having a contest on Instagram, so I entered and won! This is their “Southwest Aztec Turband” which I was super excited to get since I’m a huge fan of native prints.  Check out her their Instagram page @embersandarrows and see all of their latest styles and designs.  Also, if you haven’t yet, check out my Look Book page to see my latest outfits: http://www.lookbook.nu/karijane

2 thoughts on “Happy Day

  1. Hi Kari!
    My name is Stephanie and I am a Merchandiser for a company called Chloe + Isabel. Chloe + Isabel is a fashion jewelry brand that is devoted to empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs through social retail. The jewelry is all handcrafted and is sold exclusively through Merchandisers, like myself, in order to give us a more meaningful opportunities to make money and build our resumes with valuable skills. For me, being a Merchandiser is more than a “money opportunity”…it is an opportunity to really expand my network and pursue my dream of owning my own retail boutique one day. I love fashion and styling, but I love the idea of every day fashion as opposed to high-fashion, runways, etc. Don’t get me wrong, all fashion is amazing and I love a good designer just as much as the next. I find I love the idea of being fashionable yet not over the top, which is one of the reasons I was able to relate to Chloe + Isabel products so well AND your blog.
    I started following you and became obsessed with the simplicity of your style, and yet you still found a way to stand out. I am constantly striving to do the same! I love randomly checking in on your blog and reading where you buy your pieces to put an outfit together and the more I checked in, the more I became inspired, and the more I got the courage to write to you today.
    I see that you are open to partnerships and other opportunities and I would love to lend you a signature necklace piece from my boutique for you to wear with one of your amazing outfits to show how a more casual look can be dressed up with a great piece of jewelry! Or how a casual look can go casual chic with a simple statement. I was also wondering if you have ever participated in any contests with your readers? I am more than willing to donate a stunning pair of earrings for you to give away to one of your readers in exchange for mentioning that they came directly from my boutique. I also have the ability to have an online pop-up where you and I can “host” an online sale and for every $200 in sales directly purchased from the special link I create, you would get a $50 credit towards anything in my boutique since you would be the host! I have a great “Beautiful On A Budget” section in my store where everything is $50 and under, and I am POSITIVE that it would be great feature for your blog!
    Here is a link to my store for you to check out what I have to offer.
    Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to working with you soon!


    1. Hi Stephanie! That all sounds great! Thanks for loving my blog! I’m excited that it inspired you 🙂 Everything that you mentioned sounds great! Could you email me at karijballesteros@yahoo.com and I will send you my mailing address. Looking forward to working with you as well!

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