Big Sur










Daniel and I took a trip up to Big Sur last weekend for an engagement photo shoot. We had a lot of fun searching for special places to take photos. I loved how cold it was and how much it felt like winter. It was the perfect weather to wear my poncho that Dan gave me for Christmas that he found at a Native American boutique down south. I knew we would be exploring and trudging through foliage so I pulled out my snow boots from my closet that I bought in New York a couple years ago. They kept my feet super warm and made it easy to romp around. I also wore my go-to gray gloves with faux fur inside, some basic black jeans, and a gray thermal tee. It was nice to be able to bundle up and it actually feel like winter! We loved exploring together and we found a place we want to go back and stay at for our anniversary coming up in a couple months. Can’t wait!

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