Cozy Casual

Feels like forever since I’ve shared an outfit post on here! My clothes lately have been more on the casual and cozy side since I’ve been pregnant ☺️. I’ve been living in stretchy pants and fluffy coats and sweaters as of late. I’m just not able to tolerate anything tight around my waist and pants definitely aren’t fitting the same, as expected. I haven’t done any “maternity shopping” yet but feeling the itch to do so soon. This whole outfit I’m wearing was $45 for everything! The jacket I got for $15 from Zaful, the t-shirt is a $5 Forever 21 find, and my shoes and leggings I scored from Ross for $20 and $5! I recently got my roots done after not lightening my hair for 5 months or so. I’m loving how it turned out and feeling so refreshed. I’m so glad the weather is cooling down. Makes me so excited for Christmas and all the cozy holiday delights! Merry Christmas everyone ❀️

Mammoth Lakes – 9th Anniversary

 Daniel and I celebrated nine years of marriage on March 11th this year!  We decided to take a trip up to Mammoth Lakes and stay for a few days.  We saw some amazing sites and had so much fun spending time together surrounded by so much beauty. Here are some highlights from our trip!

  We really wanted to see the Bodie Ghost town, so we took a drive  out there and of course had to pull over to capture all the amazing things we saw along the way.  This is Mono Lake. We were so captivated by the long pathway leading up to it and all of the dark clouds in the sky.  We loved all of the textures and formations of all the rocks! We could have stayed so much longer just taking photos of it.  We were the only ones out there when we went! I love this vast shot of the pathway Dan captured.  This shot was taken off the side of the road in Lee Vanning on our way to Bodie. It snowed in the morning before we left so I knew it would make for some pretty wintery photos.  On our drive over Dan bought me this super cozy and soft blanket!  It’s probably the softest blanket I’ve ever owned πŸ™‚ It was perfect to have around to bundle up with on our outings and cabin cuddles.  When we got to the Bodie Ghost town there was hardly any other people there which made it even more eerie than it already was.  The cold weather and dark cloudy skies definitely added to it as well!  I loved all the buildings and wall textures! So many places to take sweet outfit pics πŸ˜‰ My snow boots and Aztec waterfall cardigan was keeping me really warm.  I love this panoramic shot that Dan got from the Main Street. It’s so crazy to think that people were once residing in these houses.  I was so drawn to this particular building. I loved all the faded yellow and red tones of the wood. So naturally it was, “hey babe, take my photo in front of this!”  Dan said, “if you had to pick where your house would be in Bodie, which one would you pick?” I picked this one. I loved that it was secluded and near the top of a hill and of course the color and texture πŸ™‚  On the drive back, we saw this beautiful view of Silver Lake. This was one of our favorite spots!  So hard to believe that we’ve already been married 9 years! This man is a treasure and I’m excited about our many more adventures together.  On our second day, we decided to hike over to see Lake Mary.  The roads were closed for the winter, so we thought it would be fun to hike over to see it.  We didn’t know the lake would be frozen over but it was a pretty incredible sight to see. The daredevil in me of course had to walk out in the middle of it to get a photo!   The sun was shining bright this day and there was a slight chill in the air, so this was the perfect outfit combo. Lots of layers that could be taken off easily if it got warmer. Hat and jacket are from H&M, and both tops and black jeans are from Forever 21. There wasn’t anyone around to help take a photo of us so we pulled it off selfie style! I love kisses from this cutie πŸ™‚  It’s not every day you get to walk on water so we made sure to get good documentation of it!  Just taking it all in  The reflection of the lake was so bright that Dan and I were sun kissed the next day. My squinty eyes needed sunglasses badly!  I had to close my eyes every now and then because it was so bright! On our drive back home, we wanted to see one more amazing location, so we decided to stop off at Convict Lake to say farewell to winter. We spent a total of three days in Mammoth. Every day was an adventure and all our evenings were relaxing and cozy. I’m so glad I got to experience some real winter weather. What a beatiful place!