Carbon Coco – Natural Teeth Whitening

This is the first teeth whitening solution I have tried that doesn’t hurt my teeth and make them super sensitive. Carbon Coco is a natural teeth whitener made with activated charcoal without any toxic chemicals. In addition to whitening your teeth, it also strengthens your enamel, detoxifies your mouth, prevents bad breath, removes plaque, and prevents harmful bacteria. The only ingredients are organic coconut activated charcoal, lemon myrtle, and a little bentonite powder. I was a little hesitant to use it at first because the thought of putting charcoal on my teeth sounded a little intense to be using, but it was the exact opposite. My before and after photo above shows my results after just 1 week. It’s not a super dramatic difference but I can tell that it is working. I can’t wait to see what they’ll look like a week from now and even a month from now. I’m realizing more how important it is for me to be about the gradual process of whitening gently than immediate and quick results. Usually the teeth whiteners that show a fast and dramatic difference from my experience have been extremely damaging to my teeth. I love how Carbon Coco is effective but gentle. The whitening solution comes in a jar with a loose powder texture that you dip your damp toothbrush into. I do mine every morning (after enjoying a cup of coffee) and brush it on my teeth for 3 minutes. I then follow with the charcoal toothpaste for an additional 3 minutes. Tips: Make sure you floss your teeth afterwards and brush your tongue as well. A couple of times I realized an hour later that I had black specs near my gums from the leftover charcoal that I missed. I would also advise not to wear a white or light shirt when first starting to use it. Some of the charcoal if you’re not careful could fall on it. Another tip: your mouth will be full of charcoal and when you spit into the sink, it’s obviously going to be black. Run the sink water first before spitting it out to ensure that it doesn’t splatter all over your sink. Overall I’m really liking this product and I’ll definitely continue to use it! You can get all of Carbon Coco’s products here: Carbon Coco

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