Our First Fashion Blog Post

On the 6th of this month we celebrated my first birthday with Everly and we did our very first fashion blog photo shoot together. I was so excited to find twinning outfits from head to toe! My whole outfit is from H&M and Everly’s outfit is from Target. I found my Converse for half off at DSW and I scored Everly’s shoes for $5 on Amazon. I found my jacket a couple months ago, and recently while passing by the baby clothes on my way to get diapers at Target, I spotted this white denim jacket and it was the last one in her size. I couldn’t resist! I can’t wait for more fashion shoots with my girl as the months and years come.

Our princess turned 10 months old on the 8th! She took her first steps on my birthday, her favorite things to say are Mama and Dada, and she’s been giving the sweetest kisses to both of us lately. Touch and feel books are her favorite right now and she loves turning the pages all by herself. She’s been extra sweet with her stuffed animals, giving them long hugs, and she loves watching Mickey Mouse club house cartoons. She lights up with a huge smile and squeal as soon as Mickey Mouse walks down the path and says hello. She’s quite the little explorer and is constantly wanting to experience and play with different things. For the last few weeks I’ve been taking her over to her closet to pick out an outfit to wear. Every time I open the door she smiles from ear to ear and gets super excited and reaches out to touch her clothes (girl after my own heart ☺️) She still loves watching her Dada play the piano and she’s been getting really into it lately with her cute little dance moves. It’s been so precious seeing her adorable personality shine. I’m loving all these happy days with my happy girl!

23 Weeks Pregnant

I love being pregnant! The bigger my belly gets the more excited and eager I get to meet our beautiful baby girl. My pregnancy journey has not been perfect of course, but I will say that I have felt so much of God’s grace during these last 23 weeks. I’ve been fortunate to not have to go through any morning sickness or nausea at all during my pregnancy. I feel healthy, my baby is healthy, and I’ve been so happy! I have had moments in the last couple weeks where fear and uncertainty have crept in because of certain symptoms I was experiencing, but God’s peace came to the rescue every time. My baby girl belongs to Him and her life is in His hands. It’s been so fun feeling her move around so much! I’ve really felt her moving a lot more in these last couple weeks and I love it. On another note, I’ve never seen the number on a scale so high and I couldn’t be more thrilled haha! I thought that gaining weight and seeing my body change would really effect me negatively but my gratitude outweighs every thought. I just can’t help but feel so thankful. In addition, Dan has been such an amazing support to me. He’s been so caring and nurturing, he’s been at every doctor visit, he’s always making sure my needs are met, and always aware and ready to help me with normal things that have now turned into an event, like tying my shoes 😆. It’s not as easy to bend over the same way and I know it’s only going to get more interesting. He’s dealt with my constant tossing and turning in bed, adjusting to the adventure of me trying to figure out a pregnancy pillow, my food needs (not cravings 😉), and my random moments of crying for simply no reason at all. He’s been my superman for sure! I’m still feeling so much gratitude and at times still can’t believe this is real! This pregnancy has been a beautiful experience for us and I can’t thank God enough for his grace.