April Fun

April was a fun month! We got to celebrate Easter with our family and had such a blast doing an Easter egg hunt for Everly for the first time. It was so adorable watching her light up and get so excited as she ran back and forth searching for eggs. Daniel led worship in the morning at church, we went out to lunch with my parents, and then had dinner with Dan’s family that night. On April 6th we celebrated my 37th Birthday! Daniel and Everly surprised me with some gifts and a birthday cake, then Dan treated me to a manicure and pedicure. Everly got to choose what I did to my nails and she chose all different colors. So I got some cute candy colored gel nails done. We ended the day eating out together as a family. On April 11th, my sister planned and hosted a beautiful baby shower for Daniel and I. We were blessed to be surrounded by family and a few of our friends. It was such a gorgeous day and it made our hearts so happy! We celebrated at the Dolphin Bay Resort in Pismo and got to stay there that night. There’s been so much fun memories that have been made and I’m so grateful for this life I get to live. We’re getting so close to meeting our baby boy and becoming a family of 4! We had a 36 week ultrasound last week and our baby boy is already at just about 7 pounds. I am definitely feeling ready and excited! I’m still hoping he makes his entrance earlier than expected. I can’t wait to have him in my arms soon ❤️

15 Years Married

On March 11th, Daniel and I celebrated 15 years of marriage! We had a mini vacation at a local resort and had a couple days to ourselves while my mom and dad watched Everly for us. On our last day there my parents dropped off Everly so we could swim with her and spend a little time at the resort with her too. We had so much fun and got a lot of much needed rest! A few days before we left for our retreat we got to take some anniversary/ maternity portraits with my dad, Michael Kinney Photography. I’m so happy we got to capture us in this season of life right now. These pictures are such treasures to us! When Dan and I first got married we decided that we wanted to renew our vows and celebrate our 5th anniversary, our 15th, 25th, and 50th. So on our 5th anniversary we were able to have a big celebration with all our friends and family and renew our vows. We had such a blast and started talking about our next party and dreaming about where we would be in our lives at that time. So here we are, 15 years married with a beautiful baby girl that is now 21 months old, and a baby boy joining us in less than 2 months. Our hearts couldn’t be more full and we are so humbled and thankful that we get the opportunity to have this family together. We will still be renewing our vows and having another celebration with our friends and family, but it will be more towards the end of this year when we can have the celebration we’ve been wanting without any Covid restrictions. Something we’ve also been looking forward to is opening up our time capsule that we had at our 5th anniversary party. We had all our guests put a note inside and we sealed it up to save for our 15th anniversary. We can’t wait to open it up and see what treasured notes will be in there. When we took these photos I was 30 weeks pregnant, but as I’m writing this I’m quickly approaching the 32 week mark in just a couple days! We’re getting closer, I’m getting much bigger, and much more eager to meet this little man. Also, I just had to note on here that the beautiful flower crown, boutonnière, and bouquet were all made Daniel ☺️. He made them for us the day before the photo shoot and I just love how they turned out. And of course as I mentioned, all of our portraits were captured by my Daddy, Michael Kinney Photography.