Colors of Fall




Canada’s fall colors were incredible! These photos were taken at the park right next to Niagara Falls. I was so amazed by all the beauty around me. I found myself looking down a lot because I was so into all the different colored leaves! I found the perfect red Canadian leaf and took it home with me as a souvenir 🙂 It was also super cold there, which I loved because I was finally able to wear some of my fall wardrobe. I wore a thermal, underneath a sweater, underneath my Tillys waterfall cardigan. I was super bundled up and cozy! I paired my sweater with my green jeans from Forever 21, an old black scarf, my snow boots from Target, and of course, my brown leather Indiana Jones hat that I bought at Disneyland a few months ago. Dan and I had such a fun time together! I can’t wait for more adventures to come!






Daniel and I were so excited to book a wedding in Lincoln, Ontario Canada! We were so blessed and honored to be able to serve such a sweet couple. After the wedding, we got to spend a few extra days exploring Niagara Falls and Toronto. These are some fun shots I captured with my iPhone 6! Niagara Falls took our breath away. It was such an incredible sight, I couldn’t stop taking pictures! We also loved hanging out on Clifton Hill with all the fun touristy attractions. We even did one of the scary haunted house walks haha 🙂 The wedding was in a beautiful area and we couldn’t get over how amazing all of the fall leaves and trees were. I also loved exploring downtown Toronto for the day. We walked around the CN tower and ate some yummy dinner after walking through the historic district. We came across an alley with a cute “Love” sign with locks on it. People would go up to it and write down the name of the person they love and lock it on. We had such a great time! Our last couple nights we stayed near Niagara Falls and on the last day we went to visit it one last time, and there was a double rainbow. Thank you Jesus for Niagara Falls!