Caviar Anti-Aging Color Hold Haircare by Alterna

By far some of the best haircare products that I’ve experienced are the Caviar Anti-Aging Infinite Color Hold products by Alterna. I just recently used the last of my bottles and really wanting to get more! For the few months I had the products, my platinum hair had never been more healthy, shiny, and vibrant. I really felt like my hair stayed really white and never turned brassy the way it normally does. The shampoo and conditioner alone work wonders, especially the conditioner. I’m always searching for conditioners that leave my hair feeling extra silky and soft, which is generally hard to accomplish when you bleach your hair. I honestly didn’t realize how much of a difference these products made until I ran out and stopped using them. After shampooing and conditioning and getting out of the shower, I followed with the Infinite Color Hold Vibrancy Serum. I would also use this product during the day on dry hair to tame any fly aways, and to keep it nourished. I loved how smooth and hydrated my hair felt, and loved how it helped keep it so bright. I also loved how the serum was clear and not tinted yellow, which I find helps prevent brassy tones as well. I still have a little bit left of the Infinite Color Hold Top Coat Shine Spray. I use this product on damp and dry hair as well and I love how vibrant and shiny it makes it. All of these products contain the Caviar extract which is a naturally concentrated rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids, Age-Control Complex to address chemical, environmental and natural aging, and                                                                                     Seasilk, which is a blend of marine botanicals for  intense moisture. Every Caviar product is also 100% free of parabens, sulfates and synthetic colors. And, the bonus is that Alterna products always smell amazing! My husband always compliments how good I smell after I use them 🙂 I highly recommend these products and know you will love them. Not just for platinum blondes but for anyone that colors their hair and wants it to look bright, vibrant, silky, and healthy! You can find all these products and others by Alterna here:

Alterna Haircare – Caviar RepairX Products


I recently got the privilege of trying out several hair products from Alterna’s Caviar RepairX line.  The Instant Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner did wonders for my hair. I’ve been done with the bottle for about a week now and I can feel the difference in softness and strength go back to the way it was before I started using it. I need to get more! My hair loved it and it did help it grow out a little longer while I was using it as well, which was great!  I highly recommend investing into the shampoo and conditioner if you’re wanting to repair your hair and prevent breakage. You’ll notice a difference just after the first use.  The Lengthening Hair and Scalp Elixir is a product that I just started using. It’s another product that helps with hair growth that you put on damp hair and scalp. The Overnight Hair Rescue is a cream that you apply to dry hair before bed and then rinse out in the morning. I’ve been actually leaving it in my hair and not rinsing it and I love how soft my hair feels the next day. The Multi-Vitamin Heat Protection Spray is what I’ve been using before any heat styling or blow-drying. It’s a little thicker of a spray that I use on either damp or dry hair. It’s by far the best heat protecting spray that I’ve used, and it smells great too! The Rapid Repair Spray is one of my favorite products. It not only repairs split ends and keeps the hair hydrated, but it also leaves hair really shiny and healthy looking. I’ve also been using it on dry or damp hair. I’m a big fan of spray’s simply because their so quick and easy to use. I have not tried the CC Cream yet, so I’ll post another review once I’ve finished the bottle. Overall, I would say investing into a few of these Caviar products would definitely be worth it if you color treat your hair, are experiencing any breakage or dryness, and especially if your trying to grow out your hair. You will absolutely love the way your hair looks and feels and will notice a difference in the health of your hair. You can find these products at!